Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls Talks About His Stammering May 12 2013

Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls MP, appeared on the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show on 9th May 2013 talking about his stammer (from 33m 33s)

Ed has lived with his stammer all his life but has only recently looked for help in dealing with it. Until a now infamous episode of stammering in 2012 in the House of Lords, he had also not talked about it publicly.

Ed discusses the launch of The Employers Stammering Network - a new initiative from the British Stammering Association which looks to create  a network of major employers who will  receive information, support and advice for HR Departments and line managers on how to recruit and support people who stammer. 

He also talks about his involvement in the development of a new book from City Lit called 'Stammering Therapy from the Inside: New Perspectives on Working with Young People and Adults'.

Around 5% of preschool children will experience difficulties with the fluency of their talking - and in many cases this can resolve either with or without help. But for 1% of these children their difficulties persist into adulthood. 

Take a look at the free 'Stammering' video on our website for more advice and information.