Welcome to TalkingTipsforKids! 

Thanks for joining us on a very exciting stage of our work – the launch of our website! 

Like all good product launches we considered several catchy marketing slogans. We could have pinched some well known ones . Nike’s ‘Just do it’ would sum up our ethos that you don’t need any special equipment to boost your child’s communication skills – just your time and words. 

Or how about Bob Hoskins’ BT advert ‘It’s good to talk’ – that would capture our belief in the lifelong benefits of giving your child a firm foundation in listening and talking. Tesco’s ‘Every Little Helps’ would support our idea that each talking tip can be put into practice easily throughout your daily routines. We all know ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ but we could try ‘Wordz buildz Minds’. L’Oreal’s ‘Because you’re worth it’ could read ‘Because your child’s worth it’. 

But rather than plagiarise we thought we’d let the videos speak for themselves. Take a look and see what you think  - once you’ve watched our videos we think you’ll agree with our opinion of the talking tips.... ‘They’re grrrrreat!’ (sorry couldn’t resist that one).

Fiona Barry