How To Provide TTFK TeleHealth For Your Families

If you work with preschool children or families then this area of the site is for you. Our videos are written and designed not just for parents, but for professionals working with families too.

The TalkingTipsForKids Telehealth system forms an essential toolkit for any professional looking to empower families with the skills to nurture their child’s speech, language and communication development.

Written and presented by qualified speech and language therapist, Fiona Barry, the advice given in the videos is based on current practice and has a sound evidence base. The tips are easy to follow and demonstrated using natural and spontaneous interaction which all families and professionals will readily relate to. You can give families instant access to this health advice.

How It Works

Our TeleHealth system is so simple to use:

Purchase a bundle of unique passwords, give each family a password allowing them immediate access to their advised/chosen videos which can be viewed directly from our TeleHealth Viewing Page. Each password allows the family to watch one video up to three times.

Email us at  to discuss how you can provide your families with this essential tool.


How To Buy TalkingTipsForKids TeleHealth Videos

Passwords are purchased in bundles of 500's and are priced 99p each (excl VAT). One bundle costs £595 (incl. VAT)

Contact to request a set of passwords which will be sent to you listed on a spreadsheet for you to manage and distribute.


Our range of videos

Ages & Stages - 0 to 5 years old - This film gives an overview of how speech and language skills develop in children. Find out what speech & language therapists consider to be ‘typical development’ when it comes to child communication skills. The video looks at each stage of development right from being in the womb up to a child of 5 years of age. For each age range the video describes what is expected of all the skills involved in communication. This includes play skills, listening and attention, understanding of language, expressive language and social skills. Duration 13:33 minutes


Best Beginnings (prenatal - 6 months) - Start preparing your child for a lifetime of great communication skills, from before they’re born and into their first few months of life. Duration 16:08 minutes


Brilliant Babble (Approx 6 months-1 year) - This video looks at that exciting stage when your baby is starting to babble and showing you how to encourage their first attempts at real words!  Duration 13:50 minutes


Wise Words (Approx 1-2 years) - The magical time when your child is using lots of single words and understanding lots of words – find out how to help them start joining two words together and understanding simple instructions. Duration 16:39 minutes


Champion Chat (Approx 2-3 years) - Join us as your child moves from using two words together and understanding simple instructions. Discover how you can give them a boost so they start using short sentences and understanding slightly longer instructions.  Duration 15:46 minutes


Talented Talk (Approx 3-5 years) - The fantastic stage where your child is talking in sentences and is sounding more like an adult each day. Learn ways to bring on their talking, listening and understanding of language so they’re ready to thrive at school.  Duration 18:11 minutes


Dads (In the womb-5 years) - Dads are vital to the development of their child's talking and listening skills. This film is for all male carers out there - dads, uncles, friends - find out how you can boost your child's talking talents right from the early days and into the future. This video covers from newborns and babbling babies right through to pre-school and school age children who can use words and sentences. Duration 17:07 minutes


Grandparents (In the womb-5 years) - Grandparents have a wealth of love and knowledge to share with their grandchildren. Grandparents can nurture their grandchild's communication so that they’re ready to succeed in life. This video covers from newborns and babbling babies right through to pre-school and school age children who can use words and sentences. Duration 17:06 minutes


Dummies (0-5 years) - Dummies can be really useful for some babies and they provide a useful and often much-needed way of soothing an upset little one. However, prolonged dummy use can have a really negative impact on your child's talking skills as well as a range of other developmental areas. Find out the effects of dummy use on your child's communication skills and how you can help them to get rid of the dummy so that their mouths can get busy and start chatting. Duration 13:50 minutes