Professional Users

Welcome to TalkingTipsForKids for professional users. 

If you work with children aged 0-5 years or with families then this is the area of the site for you. The range of videos available have been written and designed not just with parents and carers in mind, but also with professionals, from a whole range of backgrounds whether its health, education or social care. The videos are an essential toolkit for any professional looking to empower  families with the skills and knowledge to nurture their child’s speech, language and communication skills.

Written and presented by qualified speech and language therapist, Fiona Barry, the advice given in the videos is based on current practice and has a sound evidence base. The information is clear, concise and easy to follow and the video footage shown depicts natural and spontaneous interaction with parents and their children which all families or professionals working with children will readily relate to.

The videos are adaptable and user friendly and can be used in any way you find most effective. This could mean anything from showing them in a group setting, for example parent and toddler groups, health visitor baby clinics, speech and language therapy training workshops or parenting courses. 

Or how about showing them in a 1:1 situation perhaps during clinic appointments or home visits. The welcome video gives a clear guide  about what each video covers and this will help you choose the right video for your clients.

As a professional user, you can download all 9 premium videos in a bundle for £10 per month or £100 per year. You will have full access and permission to use them in any training or therapy sessions.

If you are displaying them publicly or to a group of over 5, we do ask you drop us an email to let us know. Equally, we would love to hear your feedback, contact us on